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Control Insurance Costs with Job Safety

   It is important to remember that carelessness or thoughtlessness causes a majority of job-site accidents. Often when an accident occurs, it is because someone has failed to recognize the possibility of it happening. Thinking ahead can help in planning to avoid possible hazards. Checking the surroundings at a new job site, and thinking of ways to prevent accidents can help keep the job-site safe. A contractor should be encouraged to:

Consider the work of others on and around the job site. Contractors should be aware of the type of work other contractors are doing, and be sure to make others aware of their job functions.

Address concerns involving the project as a whole, not just the work being done. Contractors working in unsafe conditions or employing unsafe practices can potentially lead to problems for everyone.

Check to be sure that the necessary tools are available to do the job. Defective, worn, or misused equipmentor tools can lead to serious injury or even death.

Immediately replace or repair defective hand tools such as hammers with split handles or screwdrivers with stripped heads.

Inspect electrical tools and power-driven machinery often to make sure all safety features are in place and in proper working condition.

Check electrical tool power cords for frayed or cracked insulation. If defects are discovered, they should be removed from service until repaired.

Be certain ladders are in good condition with no broken, cracked, or missing rungs.

Use personal protective equipment, such as hard hats, respirators, steel-toe boots, and eye protection whenever possible and always when required.

Set up scaffolding with a secure, stable footing. Contractors should not work on scaffolding that is shaking, unstable, or missing any components.

Maintain a clean jobsite. Do not leave debris, dirt, tools, or other objects lying around which may create a tripping/falling hazard.

Use proper safety barriers when needed such as fences, railings, or barricades. Signs should be posted warning people of potential dangers and forbidden entry.

JOB SAFETY should be a paramount concern for you for the protection of your employees and your customers.

To your success!
Rod Hanks

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